An emoticon, sometimes called a smiley, is a sequence of printable characters such as :) or ^_^, that is intended to represent a human facial expression and convey an emotion. Use in internet forums and instant-messaging.

:) smile
:( frown
;) wink
:P or :Þ tongue sticking out: joke, sarcasm or disgusting
8) has sunglasses: looking cool
:O surprised
:S confused
:'( shedding a tear
XD laughing, eyes shut (LOL)
XP Tongue out, eyes shut
^_^ smiley
^.^ see above, but rather than a wide, closed mouth, a small mouth is present
^_~ wink
>_< angry, frustrated
=_= bored
-_- annoyed
-_-' or ^_^' or ^_^;; nervousness, sweatdrop or embarrassed.
¬_¬ or <_< "yeah, right...", looking around suspiciously
;_; crying
o_O Confused
O_O Shocked
O_< Flinch, wink, twiching
._. intimidated, sad, ashamed
$_$ Money Eyes; Thinking about Money
x_x Dead or Knocked Out
9_9 Eye Rolling
*_* Star-Struck
t(-_-t) or ,|,,(-_-),,|, Flipping off
=^_^= blushing, or a cat face
u.u duh, sarcastic "what do you think?" face
\m/>_<\m/ Rockin' out

by ÐeadRose November 22, 2005
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A simple text depiction of what one's face would look like if an online conversation were taking place in person.
1. I'm happy! :)

2. I'm unhappy! :(

3. You're silly! :P
by PJC October 2, 2002
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A means of expressing emotion via Internet chat rooms and private messages.

(Note: Do not use emoticons unironically, unless you're speaking to someone who doesn't understand your language.)
:) happy
:( unhappy
:D overjoyed
:C profoundly unhappy
(^-^) ecstatic anime fan
by Tommy Wommy Womsters March 26, 2005
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any of a series of characters used by people to represent emotions that cannot easily be easily expressed during the course of a chat session they are engaged in to avoid the necessity of expressing emotion face to face.
He added the emoticon :) to the message so they would understand he was just kidding.
by Lexico Luther May 2, 2012
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pointless but fun...
^.^ o_O <u,u> =^o^= >_<
by Neil November 15, 2004
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An icon (almost always a circle) used to represent an emotion; an advanced smily face.
Only pixel emoticons are allowed in that section of deviantART.
by Emotefan September 6, 2010
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