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Wikipedia has some serious problems. Wikipedia articles/entries that are about History or Politics are often unreliable, extremely biased, and incredibly one sided. There are many examples of Wikipedia articles totally contradicting each other and presenting the contradictions as fact. There also many examples of Wikipedia articles stating totally FALSE information with weak citations and evidence that readers think is factual.

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, content can be changed by anyone for any reason, so each article will most likely be written by someone who has a passion for the topic and therefore a bias for or against it. Wikipedia administrators are shadowy figures that can have very strong biases, and they control what you see and read on Wikipedia, effectively altering public opinion to fit their narrative and beliefs. Take what you read on Wikipedia with a huge grain of salt.
You read that on Wikipedia? Ha! No wonder it's not true.
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by YungGravyy May 12, 2019
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A place filled with administrator/moderator troll nazis who do not understand that reverting inaccurate facts does not constitute edit warring, a poorly managed "encyclopedia" filled with trolls that are mostly moderators and administrators
Wikipedia used to be chill, until people became politically correct pansies
by trillzill420 May 17, 2016
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The most biased and inaccurate source of information on Planet Earth. They claim that anyone can edit and contribute but this is not true. Any attempt to add or edit content is removed within 5 minutes by registered douchebag editors with no lives who sit around 24 hours a day, just waiting to delete whatever you might add.
I tried to correct Wikipedia's entry on the Earth by saying that it's round but someone reverted back to say that the Earth is square.
by Dude Regular February 01, 2011
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A Nazi-infected corner of the web. Most incidences involve blocking without reason, administrator abuse, and flame wars.
I was editing Wikipedia and this guy blocked me for no reason.
by Deathgleaner May 08, 2010
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A project to create the most accurate and complete free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. Written as a collaboration of users across the Internet. Basically, the version of an encyclopedia, without the witless comments.
An article on Wikipedia helped me write my Astronomy paper.
by Steven January 01, 2004
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