Radio code used by police aware that an undercover officer is involved. "NARC" in it's truest form. PIG in PLAIN SIGHT P.I.P.
You sold to 147, are you nuts! you know they gotta be wired.
by eddie "brat" weathers January 16, 2007
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To have sharp looks and an appetite for coolness to the EXOSPHERE!

Term originates from the "Hundredth fortieth seventh day of highschool" where I wore Ray-Bans combined with a pink patterned dinosaur shirt and a blue plaid sweatshirt. I also happened to have the best hair day, anyone would look at me and start drooling automatically.
Don't be a 160, rather a 147.
by ObsessionWith3D October 11, 2023
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I have been married for 147 years

This page took 147 hours to load
by WIRich September 10, 2006
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Police "Code" that signifies murder or the commiting of murder
"147 an undercover cop..."
by LionHeart XTC December 12, 2003
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When you catch such a savage BEAT down that you can hardly fight back. It's like getting two pieced but times a hundred!
Vince: "Ha-Ha! Darby whipped your ass! What was that two piece like?"

Sean: "Fuck you! How was that 147 piece you got from Manuel?"
by Nick C G III January 2, 2009
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Anyone who plugs kush up their butthole are legally allowed to do anything they want
Rick:I just shot 56 people in Las Vegas
Dick: Isn’t that an act of terrorism?
Rick:Nah I had kush up my butthole rule 147
by Fatf*cknWalrus69 October 3, 2017
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