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(Def.1) - The Last Don.
(Def.2) - A member of a family who have the rights.
(Def.3) - Made to be One of a kind.
1- Master P rapped about how he is a made Man.
2 - Memphis Bleek talk about being a Made Man.
3 -I never seen that smart ass boy, fasho is a made man.
by andre January 04, 2004
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The wife of the Dutch crown prince. She's the daughter of a former member of the Argentinan junta, but nevertheless very beloved in the Netherlands.
by andre December 15, 2003
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It is an anoying male human. Posibly the most anoying one because:

1.Has a really squeaky voice like a hamster, rabbit or any small creature.

2.Talks, acts and looks like a girl.

3. Can easily piss off any person very easily.
"Naraman is acting like a Russlan and he wouldn't shut the hell up!"
by andre January 06, 2005
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to drink some of someone else's drink, not have a large "sip" of their drink, but just a small taste, just enough to "sap on".
"Yo blood, let me sap on that 7up"
by andre May 28, 2003
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this term is used in "New Jersey and New York" when something you break or someone drops something...whats responded from the other person is "Aint Mine"
drop something or break something
by andre December 11, 2003
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