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A classic first-person shooter (FPS) made by ID Software, the same folks who made quality games like Wolfenstein and Quake.
When playing Doom, watch out for the Cyberdemon, for his rocket-launcher arm can easily kill you.
by AYB July 28, 2003

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An evil, ugly, man-hating demon who runs a boring crafts show and makes millions from selling overpriced shit at K-Mart.
You cannot escape from the evil of Martha Stewart.
by AYB June 05, 2003

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This plant is portrayed to be the most dangerous and evil plant ever made, yet there have never been any cases of people getting killed from smoking weed, and one is 5 times more likely to get addicted to tobacco than marijuanna.
Marijuanna is a great way to soothe your pain and depression when used in moderation.
by AYB June 17, 2003

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Something that fails miserably
The Final Fantasy movie was the biggest flop since Battlefield Earth.
by AYB March 13, 2003

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The human being's sex drive.
Most of those over-the-counter pills that claim to increase libido are simply snake oil.
by AYB June 27, 2003

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The smartest creature in the world that still acts like a dumb animal from time to time.
Apparently, human civilization prefers stupidity for a survival trait, and merely uses the geniuses as instruments for inching along human progress.
by AYB June 23, 2003

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An evil, purple demon sent from Hell to brainwash kids, with the help of assistant demons known as B.J. and Baby Bop.
Barney: "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family."
Terminator: You are overdue for termination. (shoots Barney into pulp with submachine gun).
by AYB June 13, 2003

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