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What's truly important in life, it could be money, it could be working on relationships, it could be anything. its doing what you want and have to do in anticipation of that making you happy with life
Schools out, I aint got no job, time to start my business and chase the real.
by BajanSaint December 11, 2009
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The Real. Adj. A description of any nouns authenticity.
M-C-C-0-Y, McCoy. Like, The Real.
by RedRyder613 September 23, 2010
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When you decide to put up the shames and do the right of the situation. This could be in Company or in a personal situation.
Putting down the ego swords and getting good ides out on the table.
The Real is collaboration, not instigation. I could really use help on some ideas. What are your thoughts on it?
by Writng4Uaskingi.e.4givness December 09, 2009
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Invented by the real Sean Firth, the real Ben Slee and the real Jack Barrington, this phrase is suceeded by a person of your choice in a kind of sarcastic tribute, eg (on seeing the real Sean Firth) "Oh my god, is that... The REAL Sean Firth? Dude, i'm so honoured to meet you. Could I have your autograph?" Alternatively, you can decide they are not the real whoever. eg (on seeing the real Ben Slee) "Jesus! It's the real Ben Slee.... oh no it isnt! It's an imposter! get away from me, you fraud!"
Every man woman and child on the planet should worship the real Mick Foley. Not the fake Mick Foley of WWF/WWE fame, but the Real one. If you don't know who he is, shame on you. You are not worthy of being real. There will be societies and clubs honouring the real mick foley. We will not stop until we achieve total real Mick Foley worship, die or become bored of it all. LONG LIVE THE REAL MICK FOLEY.
by The Real Basilus The Grat October 06, 2004
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