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The industry is really located any where in the world where their is an actually being,working within society.The industry is coherst with,as a statement any one:
helping people eat(resturaunt industry)
makeing people for people too listen too (the music industry) wrighting in ways that can be intitled for the whole world too read (the publish industry)
helping people recieve mail (government industry/the logistic industry.)
people that live in major citys or state,major states more generaly,may see the industry different,people that live in major city and states may be closer too celebritys but people who don't live in major city may see less celebritys...
by regardless devon victory June 26, 2008
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industry - 1. adj.- used when describing a loser, something stupid, or mainstream. opposite of stealth synonyms- lame, fin

- 2.noun- branch of economy or commercial activity.
He looked so industry when he wore his new spiked necklace that he bought from hot topic.
by Carla's face February 23, 2005
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