Someone who suffers from a mental disorder and delusions of grandeur. Someone who has lost touch with reality. Could be just depressed but rans the gammit from depression to schizophrenia.
Man, that Mike Rehmeyer is mentally ill. He's 34, lives at home, has no college education and nothing going for him yet he thinks he's Prince Charles.
by arfed February 12, 2008
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mentally ill is someone they called a good person or a super hero that they can't fake a crime on or put in prison so they try to make him look crazy and put him on psych meds to make him crazy for real to look him up in a mental hospital forever
you are mentally ill, go talk to a therapist. you got therapist money?
by Megasus Thrist Jesus Christ April 27, 2022
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An illness that inflicts the person's mental state. Mental illnesses range widely from mild anxiety to severe schizophrenia. Depending on the severity of an illness, it can impact a person's life more than just mentally. For example, a person with borderline personality disorder might have a hard time holding down a job because of their mood instability. Other things that can be hard while mentally ill are keeping good hygiene, keeping healthy relationships, and keeping a good sleep schedule
John breaks up with Becky's best friend.
Becky: That was so sick of you! What, do you have a mental illness?

John: Mentally Ill is not an adjective. I have though, been struggling with depression. My mental ill ness doesn’t make me any less of a person.
by PurplePanda4 February 28, 2021
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Driving 5 hours just to go to waffle house while high on edibles.
you must have Mental Illness if you would drive 5 hours just to get waffle house
by Nai_OG January 13, 2022
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A defect in the minds function. But does not nessercerily affect your intelegence. Saying a mental illness makes you crazy/stupid/funny is like saying an eating disorder makes you fat.
Bill Gates, who is a multi-billionare, invented the personal computer, is very creative and in the top ten smartest men alive suffers from aspergers syndrome, which is infact a mental illness.
by GavinBobJones November 4, 2006
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ntal illnesses is a disease usually common within people who are named joud , it’s really serious and causes them to to act in such a toxic way. Unfortunately as of now there’s no cure for it
Yo look isn’t it that joud the I think she has mental illness
by Pussy slayer 627 October 26, 2020
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