Slang for "autistic", usually used in games and forums where saying autistic would get you moderated, or is filtered.
Rob sure is artistic, almost cost us the game.
by sarysa2 November 13, 2015
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Being artsy or having the ability to create art in the form of paintings, songs, dance, ect.

The painter is very artistic and created a beautiful mural.
by smartlady March 30, 2007
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One who has the ability to transfer life onto any surface by the magic of brain/eye to hand coordination.
Those who can paint realistically or not are artists for they transfer life onto a surface such as paper or canvas.

Drawing is a form of artistry.
by RuffledRaven March 13, 2013
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a person or being that identifies themselves as a creator of artof any sort
duchamp; el greco; stanely kubrik; lydia lunch; ray bradbury (you get the point)
by Stacy January 14, 2004
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Coffee addicted freaks
who can draw good..

the insane one are the talented ones...

the hot ones aren't that good...
my lust for isolation
my only friend is a cat
Artist can art
by Vapor_95 August 7, 2017
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An incredibly talented person who dedicates the time and hard work to creating a beautiful work of art, be it a sculpture, music, literature, or a painting.

This person has dedicated years of work to mastering his craft, and deserve as much credit as any other professional in a field. They generally have a higher level of creativity and imagination.

Contrary to stereotypical belief, they do not have to forego an education or be on drugs to be an artist.
Lynda marveled at the sculptors skill as she gazed at the realistic deer, soldered out of pieces of scrap metal.

Dr. Smith was quite surprised and blushed when he realized that the artist he had been talking down to was also a doctor.

Ralph, an aspiring artist, worked long and hard on his painting and was proud of the result.
by qazsw23 April 13, 2011
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