to be so incredibly awesome, that it's majesty is overwhelming, so much, that you could practically jizz your pants while viewing it
Holy shit! That chick has the best looking breast's i have ever seen, masterpiece.

The keyboard intro to HIM's Killing Loneliness is so fucking awesome! Masterpiece.

by tim koch October 22, 2005
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Anthony is truly a masterpiece.

Anthony is a one of a kind work of art, a masterpiece, a true love.
by his babe February 1, 2019
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After finishing The Witcher 3, i realized this video game was perfect in any aspect that defines a video game. Its an utter masterpiece.
by AggelosMw December 14, 2016
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Something so great that it humbles all who stand before it. A true Perfection that cannot be duplicated.
by Horse Radish April 17, 2005
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Before it’s too late girl you better stop fronting
I’m one in a million, limited edition
No kidding you’ll be wishing you could be my Mrs.
Sooner or later girl you’ll want that position
When I walk up in the club all the girls stare at me
I’m the only thing they see
And the guys wish they were me
Cuz I’m fresh and clean from my head to my feet
I’m the definition of the word masterpiece
by VultureSinVX April 13, 2017
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Always assumed this would be on canvas

Yet to be created

Few potentials .. didn’t expect it to be an object

With use ..

Infused with my heart and soul and all my learnings so far since I accepted spirit was my friend … if I be good .. or actually if done in honour ..

Anyways .. masterpiece ..

Maybes, possibly ..

A labour of love and intense theory craft and learning/ recalling on the fly … most deffo

See … most of us spend our lives talking .. no action and some fill their lives obsessing over others and trying to feel noticed

Social media fakery aplenty .. again what fuels this …

Glad I was directed to put my energies into something other than worrying what the fuck people will do next or why they are even bothering …

Oh yeah … I already know the answers …

We all do …
Masterpiece… living proof it will certainly not be my one and only urban dic account ever in this life …

Derailed long long ago ..
by LetsTalkAboutX January 28, 2023
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“Put a price on emotion, looking for something to buy” is a Masterpiece of a lyric
by Iamright November 3, 2020
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