An advanced image editing application made by Adobe which is available on Windows and Mac. Its first version was made in 1988. It's probably been pirated by basically everyone who has it installed on their computer.
Who the heck would buy Photoshop? It costs like $700.
by rfrsiopgjdog January 7, 2015
#1) noun. Arguebly the highest-quality and most versatile graphics design/editing software on the market. Highly expensive, but having nonetheless seen widespread use across the 'net (partly due to Kazaa's influence.

#2) verb. To "photoshop" an image is to generally merge or edit the picture's qualities, typically with Adobe Photoshop. Has now crept into common usage to describe any images (especially photographs) that've been edited (This term was originally used in reference to Photoshop.)
Guy: "I finally recieved my order of Adobe Photoshop in the mail today. Dang, I feel lucky"
Other guy: "You *brought* yours? Damn man, I just d/loaded a hacked Photoshop Warez from Kazaa. w00t!"
by Alhadis June 25, 2004
Something I spend to much time doing
I just spent 3 hour photoshopping some stuff
by Demon Milk January 7, 2021
An image editing program made by Adobe corporation.
I did this artistic masterpiece with cheap photoshop effects.
by AYB February 19, 2003
Photo-manipulating software created by the photo-Gods. A very handy and useful program.
Mike: Dude who is that?!

Matt: That's me. I photoshopped around a bit.

Mike: NICE!
by Fatty Pops December 13, 2010
Image editing software that can make even the crappiest of photos look amazing.

It's like autotune for pictures.
Eww! I look horrible in these pictures! I'll just photoshop this, and this, and that...
by tennisgurl95 July 13, 2011
A worse insult then ''gimp'' because Gimp is really a photo-editing program like Photoshop.
(gimp is normally used as an insult only on Facebook in my experience)

Harry: You're such a gimp!!!

Jim: Oh yeah, well you're a PHOTOSHOP!!!

Harry: *boohoo*
by NorbertLinuxLord June 8, 2011