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The WORST show in the history of television. At least it's good for laughs because most of the contestants CAN'T sing.
American Idol is absolutely HORRIBLE to the ears.
by AYB March 24, 2003
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Capable of going on land and water.
Nowadays, tanks are built to be amphibious for surprise attacks.
by AYB April 9, 2003
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A cult that promotes its expensive products in order to convert potential followers.
I think i will work for Amway now that my house is chock full of useless Amway products that cost ten times as much as products I can buy at a local store.
by AYB April 6, 2003
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A being that resembles a human or other living being.
A robot that was designed to mimic the behavior of and/or look like a human or other living being.

Androids that mimic people are called humanoids.
If the anime show has a science-fiction theme, it will most likely contain an android of some kind, be it animal, plant, or human.
by AYB April 3, 2003
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Animated works of art from Japan. Most often characterized by characters with big eyes, excessive but really cool facial expressions, females with big bouncy breasts(;^D), multi-colored hair, heavy use of ninjas, swords, and robots(mecha), and Japanese culture oozing from every frame of film. Includes basically any category of TV or movie show you can think of. For instance, there are anime kid's shows, anime soap operas, anime movies (which kick Disney's gay ass any day of the week :^), anime sci-fi shows, anime pornography (hentai/pervert), anime music videos, etc., etc., etc......... Sometimes, the definition of anime can also apply to Japanese video games.

Unfortunately, these fine works of art are often mutilated, censored, and mistranslated by American corporate motherfuckers who want every imported film to be as watered down as the diarrhea-shit that Cartoon Network and Disney spew out of their asses. Often, the imported anime is so badly "edited" that it is often unbearable to watch, which means you would have to find a store that carries subtitled versions of the original cartoons, or find a bootleg store which carries the original anime(hope you know Japanese).
Cowboy Bebop, Robotech, Akira, Voltron, Thundercats, Outlaw Star, Gundam, and Iria are excellent examples of anime.

Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack are NOT examples of anime because they were MADE IN AMERICA, and anything that's made in America is pure and utter shit.
by AYB January 27, 2003
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A gold digger who married some old tycoon and inherited 250 million dollars when he died. She even put on quite a drama during the family court dispute with the oldest son over the money.
Anna Nichole Smith sure is putting that old man's hard-earned money to some use. Holding lavish parties and squandering it on useless shit while the real inheritors shake their heads with shame.
by AYB May 29, 2003
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