An interpretation of Romeo Montague from Romeo and Juliet that features the guy having dark and creepy tendencies. It ranges from stalker-like behavior to going full nuts after losing his Juliet.

The 1982 Romeo and Juliet film and the Hungarian adaptation of Gerard Presgurvic's Romeo et Juliette: De La Haine a L'Amour had this kind of Romeo interpretation as one of their main flavor.
Dyl: Saw Romeo and Juliet today in a community theatre. The Romeo is kind of creepy, yet very romantic.
Phyl: He must be a Dark Romeo.
by Some Guy in the Taven September 7, 2023
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Composter syndrome refers to a psychological phenomenon experienced by individuals who have an intense desire to efficiently organize and manage composting processes. People with "composter syndrome" have an overwhelming compulsion to ensure that organic waste is properly recycled and transformed into nutrient-rich compost.

Individuals with composter syndrome may exhibit the following characteristics:

Obsessive attention to composting: They are constantly preoccupied with composting methods, such as the right balance of organic matter, temperature control, and moisture levels. They may spend an excessive amount of time researching composting techniques and experimenting with different composting systems.

Perfectionism in composting: People with composter syndrome strive for perfection in their composting efforts. They may feel a strong need to achieve the ideal compost composition, texture, and odor. They are often dissatisfied if their compost does not meet their self-imposed standards.

Anxiety about waste management: Individuals with composter syndrome may experience heightened anxiety or guilt when organic waste is discarded rather than being composted. They feel a deep responsibility for reducing waste and contributing to environmental sustainability.
Yeah, he definitely has composter syndrome. He just peed on his compost for the first time and is freaking out about ruining the pile’s nitrogen balance.
by peepeecomposter August 9, 2023
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When you sit on a wet bench or chair (usually wood) and your ass gets soggy. It's best translated as "tree taste"
Guy #1: ah, this bench is wet! I have träd smak.
Guy #2: that sucks
by urbanusdictionus September 17, 2023
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The trend of vehicles growing larger and heavier as people want to drive oversized vehicles they don't really need.

Examples are people who buy four-door pickup trucks to occasionally haul a bag of dirt from home depot. Or drive a large SUV to the bus stop because they're afraid to let their two children walk by themselves.
I see that guy drive his huge SUV everyday to work by himself. He has never taken it off-roading, he just bought it because he has autobesity.
by Wordiculous July 17, 2023
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A slang term used in the drug world meaning the sober person that looks out for the other person who's under the effects of LSD, mushrooms or other hallucinogenic drugs.
You bet I'm gonna try some acid, wanna be my ground control?
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The act of evicting tenants from their rental houses and apartments by greedy landlords who announce huge renovation plans that require the emptying of units to be renovated. Once out, the tenants are not allowed to renew their leases until they agree to huge rent increases, sometimes double what they paid before.

This is a portmanteau word, a combination of renovation + eviction, invented by Heather Pawsey of Vancouver, Canada.
We got a renoviction notice today from the new building owner... they're going to divide the living room to make a new bedroom and replace the kitchen cabinets. We'll have to move out, but we're welcome to come back at double the rent.
by drm310 November 18, 2008
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