Aug 4
Someone who has the same phone number as you, besides the last digit.
Greg: Hey, Karla, what's your number?

Karla: (719):558-9013

Greg: Hey! We're number neighbors! Mine's (719):588-9016.
by MrLemon333 August 06, 2009
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Aug 3
Within a successful, seemingly stable relationship, the settler refers to the "better half", who in essence settles with their partner. This person tends to be either more attractive, wealthier, smarter, personable or some other quality that would seemingly make their partner look inferior, to the extent that people begin to question why they would even date in the first place.

The opposite of a reacher
Looking at the Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri relationship, it is painfully clear that Janet (Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty) is a settler.
by BurningRave January 27, 2010
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Aug 2
Checking whether I am a real street thug or just a guy doing the clothes and the talk.
First party out of jail and this little suburban Megan was testin' my gangsta, she only wanted me if I'd really done time.
by old lang guy November 16, 2006
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Aug 1
The unwritten rules of the street. No snitchin, no testifying, no cooperation with law enforcement, no letting anybody punk you, show respect to earn respect, no disrespecting of the game, no hating, mind your business, hold your own, accept the consequences of your crimes, remain loyal and true, money over bitches
by West$ideR March 28, 2019
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Jul 31
Any position in a wide variety of gender identities, spanning the spectrum between male and female. A person who is Genderqueer is not transgendered, though the option is open to transition. Being genderqueer has no bearing on sexual identity or orientation.
Eli might have a woman's body, but ze doesn't feel like a woman or a man. Eli is genderqueer.
by LJVan August 23, 2006
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Jul 30
Staying up late watching TV after midnight. Usually primetiming involves watching reruns of favorite shows.
He was primetiming late last night watching reruns of Family Guy.
via giphy
by Type2GenomeManiac June 16, 2017
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Jul 29
It's not about the sex or gender of the person but how they treat you! So, as long as you're getting the love and affection that you need to be happy in love then it doesn't and/or shouldn't matter what gender is loving you.

Often a term used by bisexuals or those who have no issues with swinging with the same-sex as long as the loving is good!
i.e. A guy might say to another guy, "I'm just looking for someone to love me (a genderless statement) because love is love!" The sex of the person isn't the issue but how the person is treated as it pertains to being loved!
by Orators Speak March 22, 2011
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