Abbreviation for Bum Fuck, Egypt. Out in the fucking middle of nowhere.
We went to a party in the middle of BFE
by Keith March 17, 2003
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BoyFriend Experience -used in the asmr audio community as a genre of audio when the speaker is acting as the listeners boyfriend
I love todd’s BFE audios !!! they make me feel like we’re actually in a relationship
by notwhotoddthinks October 18, 2020
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abbreviation for "Bum Fuck Egypt" or "Butt Fuck Egypt" -- in the middle of metaphorical nowhere -- an extremely isolated, inaccessible and inconvenient location.
We returned home so late because she lives in the middle of BFE and we got lost several times.
by dragonfly November 16, 2003
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BFE stands for “bum fuck Egypt.” As I understand (and other people have corroborated), it derives its existence from another expression “bumble fuck” (I am unsure if it's one word or two), both of which mean "out in the middle of nowhere." I am fairly certain that the inaccurate “butt fuck Egypt” derived from bum being the English term for buttocks. Clearly the definition of BFE is the same regardless of what one believes the “B” stands for, but I thought is was worth correcting.
He lives out in BFE
by Norbert Sykes September 19, 2003
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Bum Fuck Egypt. Out in the middle of nowhere, far away from where you have to be. What we call the parking lot furthest away from the school.
Yeah, the kids who have early release have to park out in BFE.
by praedial October 15, 2006
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BFE means Bum Fuck Egypt, a.k.a the middle of no where.
BFE is where nik lives and wolves howl.
by dejhon January 24, 2008
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One step up from a one night stand, but more sensitive than a booty ball. The BFE aka Boyfriend experience, entails treating what should be a one night stand to the charm and charisma you'd give to an actual girlfriend.

Would require minimum of 2-3 meaningless dates, and should involve hooking your friends up for actual one night stands with friends of the BFE victim

warning: the chick may think you're an actual boyfriend. While you're temporarily playing one, prepare many exit strategies as needed
Joe: I power banged some sloot last night
Bill: Where'd you meet her
Joe: Run off from Ben's BFE girl
by DAsRF November 25, 2013
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