This fictional orange cat is commonly attributed to hating Mondays, loving lasagna and being a couch potato.
A lesser known fact is that he is also gay, and transgender.
Early life: Garfield was born and raised a girl but later realized he did not conform to such assignment, and came out to hes family at the age of 16.
Mid life: Garfield Discovers his love of lasagna, and attractive men, as well as meeting his life long friends, Jon Arbuckle and Odie.
Late life: Garfield's dear friend, Odie dies at the age of 78, and so does Jon, only a year later, leaving Garfield heartbroken. He died, sad and alone 6 years later, at the age of 84.
None of his friends or family are still around for his funeral, but it is said he was buried with a pan of lasagna, as he had requested long ago.
After Death: People still celebrate his memory, eating lasagna, and reading his comics, ad i'm sure he smiles upon this earth, except on Mondays.
Garfield; Comic book character
Garfield; Lasagna cat
by Nubus101 March 28, 2022
1) 20th President of the United States. Was killed early into his term by Charles Giteau, whom Garfield had previously denied a job.

2) Comic book strip written by Jim Davis. The main character of the book is a large cat named Garfield, who is lazy and loves to eat.
1) Garfield was one of the seven Presidents born in Ohio.

2) Garfield smacked the spider with a newspaper.
by Rodney Basil June 5, 2004
The strongest living being in this universe. Don’t be a fool and try to run. It’s already gotten to you.
Oh god I forgot to feed Garfield....
by Electrik man December 1, 2019
Possibly one of the best-loved comic strips in history (other than Peanuts), Garfield currently appears in thousands of newspapers worldwide. It chronicles the antics and not-so-antics of Garfield, a lazy, cynical cat that hates Mondays. A movie based on the comic strips was released in June 2004.
by dpo June 21, 2004
swag ass mofokin kitty cat
all my homies love garfield
Guy 1: man i fuckin love garfield hes so cool
Guy 2: i know right bro garfield comics are so dayum cool
by assfuckerdicksucker300069 December 23, 2021
Garfield-noun.Garfield is a multi dimensional demonic celestial being.who torturous Jon with his past dog odi,and all in all breaks all space and time every 2 minet . you should fear him greatly.
garfield:im sorry jon... :) jon:weres odi?? garfield:theres no use now jon.there is no use for praying to,for i have alredy killed your god. by the way,wheres my lazagna jon:noooooo garfield:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
by lolsdwfbgh November 18, 2019