noun: The state of mind one puts oneself in, in order to outperform fears, insecurities, doubts, and anxieties, to achieve the seemingly impossible and step into their greatness.
I must get my grindset on to out preform all betas.
by big-dong motivation September 10, 2021
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When a person has a small, minimally furnished apartment, and low quality car, because they spend all of their money on all of the newest high-end electronics.

These can include T.V.'s, sound systems, computers, cell phones, etc.

Similar to the concept of being hood rich.
Jeff: "I thought Andy landed a high paying job. Why is he still living in an apartment and driving that Geo?"

Tom: "He can't afford them man, he's totally geek rich."
by Snidrogen August 4, 2010
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A usually spontaneous sexual encounter between strangers with little or no personal information exchanged. The highest plateau of casual sex.
Walking into an elevator, locking eyes with a woman (or man) and without further ado proceedeing to engage in hot, passionate sex between the 5th and 45th floors. You finish, compose yourselves, and go your seperate ways, never to meet again.
by proud2deviate January 19, 2004
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In business a tactic used by a company threatened with an unwelcome takeover bid to make itself unattractive to the bidder.

A similar method is used in a social setting when one person attempts to deflect or show a lack of interest expressed by another by making his or herself appear socially unattractive or unobtainable.
Once Anthony learned that Kathy was interested in him, he promptly dropped a poison pill by letting it be known he had recently began dating Shelia.
by Who 'Dis? Who 'Dat? April 10, 2018
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When you're feeling sick or down, hanging out with your bros can provide a therapeutic effect, thus alleviating whatever symptoms you may have been experiencing.
Yo man, Jeff just broke up with his girl, we should go chill over his place for a while, he could use some bromeopathic medicine.

Before going to the hospital, always try a little bromeopathic medicine.
by M Rockwell August 27, 2007
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A caption that is used with groups of celebrities or other famous icons that the author would like to smoke weed with.
i feel like Master Chief and Bugs bunny would be my Dream Blunt Rotation.
by coopadooper March 17, 2021
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Informal term to describe Asian films in, but not limited to, South Korea. Hallyuwood originally came from South Korea as it incorporated the words hallyu (which means Korean wave) and -wood which is inspired from Hollywood. Hallyuwood is now used to informally describe films from Asia.
Jeamin: Did you watch Bae Young-joon's latest hallyuwood flick?

Minsu: I sure did and it was such a tearjerker! Let's go see it together!
by asian-lover October 16, 2011
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