Mar 29
A sad step below "Netflix and Chill", it's what you would do with some "bitch ass punk" you don't want to actually hang out with, let alone have sex with.
Guy: "Hey how about we go back to my place and we Netflix and Chill?"
Girl: "Ummm... How about we just "Spotify and Side Hug instead?"
by Mo sucks ass July 08, 2016
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Mar 28
A person under the influence of any substance that makes their ramblings sound like they are heavily under the influence of hash
I started talking to some wasted chick at a party. Wasn't sure what she was saying, but I realized she was a hashtalker
by mystery shopper #4 February 25, 2015
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Mar 27
when you start to masterbate at 12:07 and 43 sec a.m. while watching Animal Planet in your Aunt's bedroom.
Dude 1: Dude last night's mooseterbation lasted for 3 hours straight last night
Dude 2: Was it good?
Dude 1: Heck Yes
Trisha: Sick freaks
by November 01, 2005
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Mar 26
an egirl is a species of emo usually found on tiktok but commonly spends time on tumblr. can be found wearing pink eyeshadow with a large wing, little hearts under the eyes and a blushed nose. normally wearing some type of shirt from urban outfitters over a longsleeve striped shirt. commonly found doing the me!me!me! dance but has probably never seen it before.
did you see that egirl doing a ahegao face unironically??

yeah man
by ellisøats January 28, 2019
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Mar 25
A boy that probably skates, has his nails painted w rings, wears beanies, maybe has a cute egirl girlfriend, always wearing vans and long sleeves or hoodies under tshirts, their hair is sometimes parted down the middle. They basically only exist on the internet unfortunately but we can still appreciate them on instagram:(

eboys: “I listen to brockhampton and lil peep👁👅👁”
by russ is annoying February 05, 2019
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Mar 24
When a group of knob heads gather to wreck their cars by spinning around in circles, usually done by joy riders from west belfast and little boys who think twin (tin) cams and old beemers as old as the hills are cool
diffing - does she go round mister..
by diffin is for losers July 23, 2008
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