Dec 9
Someone with a vested interest in a topic but has all the facts wrong.
A mistakeholder in a fisheries management setting cited a number of reasons why increased transparency detracted from understanding a topic.
by jimbonelson December 06, 2018
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Dec 7
The legal agreement which allows Santa Claus to enter people’s home and not be prosecuted for (breaking and entering). This clause includes chimneys and magic stuff we don’t know about.
The ‘Santa Clause’ is actually a legal agreement that has been understood in a ‘quid pro quo’ context; wherein Santa is welcomed for many reasons... but it’s really the presents and his cool outfit!
by Major Thomas Randle December 04, 2018
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Dec 6
To Rob somebody, to steal from somebody
he caught a jooks on that nigga yesterday for his marmot
by j-ReD January 25, 2005
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Dec 4
An alcoholic drink that is typically made in a fast food soda cup so that it can be consumed in public spaces with little suspicion from others.
We were down on the corner drinking street soda and feeling really good.
by Deadpan Distro February 20, 2007
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Dec 3
A situation or conversation suddenly (and usually unexpectedly) taking a turn for the worse (in a bad way), when at first it was going fine.
I guess I should've expected things to go left in couples therapy today after I told my wife that I got my side bitch pregnant.
by BigDiggerNick1 December 07, 2015
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