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Special Agent Fox Mulder, one of the main characters of the show The X-Files.
While watching X-Files: "Why is Mulder always right with his nutter theories? Can't it EVER just be a crazy homicidal dude? Like, just once?"
by poisonjack March 24, 2008
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a crazy ass FBI agent on a quest to find his sister that was abducted by aliens when they were young..
9 seasons it ran, but everyone thought it would have been better to reduce it to 3 or 4 seasons.. and just go on with the main plot
Scully: (looking outside at a sunny day) WOW mulder.. have u seen outside.. its so beautiful.. have u ever searched for life on this planet outside of these offices?
Mulder: I have seen life on this planet.. thats why im searching elsewhere
by pHr33Kz March 30, 2010
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a guy who is obsessed with sex/women
tom- lets go the bar and watch the game

steve- no, man. lets get to the club so i can meet some ladies

tom- calm down, mulder. we'll go after the game.
by The_Burrito September 01, 2008
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a complete and utter prick. usually used to describe a person with very small or no balls. generally mulders are dutch.
Yo man that nigga must be straight mulder, he won't buy me a hoe.
by Deryck Hazel December 11, 2007
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