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to imitate, to strive to equal
mike tried to emulate spider-man, now hes dead :)
by jairo arroyo September 09, 2007
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Emulate...the act of imitating the large, flightless bird, the Emu. These birds are so badass they evolved past their need of wings and instead God gave them raptor talons for feet. They secured their right to terrorize tourists visiting their grazing lands after defeating the Australian military in what is now known as the Great Emu War. Emulation is often used as a form of intimidation.
Tara's favorite tactic to terrorize the school yard children was to emulate by putting her hands up above her head forming the Emu's long neck and using her downward pointed fingers as a beak. She would then chase the children off of the playground, pecking and wobbling her "neck" at the same time.
by HungLowAsian October 10, 2016
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