An expression typically used to convey disapproval and/or objection towards a statement, action, etc. Furthermore, the expression has gained lots of popularity through TikTok.
Ari: Girl, I ain't even gonna lie, me and Avani's brother hooked up last night.
Ari's friend: Um, Avani is literally your cousin.
Ari: What does that have to do with anything?
Ari's friend: Side eye...
by tmkkmt February 4, 2023
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When you look at someone with your side eye because they said omething that is questionable or a liem
Person 1 - I have an iphone 23 but my mom wont let me bring it to school.

Person 2 - *side eyes*
by GEN Z TERMS January 21, 2023
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A facial expression expressing one's criticism, disapproval, animosity, or scorn of varying levels of intensity towards another person. Defined by one person looking at the other out of the corner of their eye(s) with a scowl, as their head is turned in a different direction. Often an invitation for a fight or confrontation of some sort. Synonymous expression: "cuttin' your eyes" (at someone). Popular expression (and common occurrence) among urban American populations.
"Girl, you see that heffa over there givin' me the side eye? She MUST be tryin' to start somethin'."
by B.T. December 6, 2007
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when you just heard the juiciest and hottest tea you’ve ever heard in your life, but they can’t know that you heard so you can only give them a side eye to express your concern.
Bethany: yeah so basically brett and i were in the hot tub ALL NIGHT LONG *she winks*

Sarah: *side eye*
by its_mc_squared February 8, 2023
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Looking at somebody through your peripheral vision with disapproval
by Life of a receptionist April 10, 2018
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The most menacing devious look someone can give when they look in the corner of their eye at some crazy nasty shit.
Did you see Sarah shit her pants just now?

Yea, side eye.
by JabUajnahaysb January 22, 2023
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To give someone a knowing look. Usually when shocked or surprised by something.
To Side Eye

When Mr Henderson made a sexist comment, his students side-eyed each other in disbelief.
by Havana77 November 17, 2009
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