To get marijuana.
A montreal slang term in which if one were to say "i'm going to go get weed/marijuanacigarettes" one would say "I'm going to go pick."
"Meagan is picking an OZ. Going to be a nice weekend :')"
"We are going to pick"
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To persistently &/ or Unneccesaarily find fault with something.
I hate my new boss, he constantly pick at my work and often tells me to do it again, even though there is nothing with it.
by Sushant April 01, 2007
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To treat someone unfairly by criticizing or punishing them.
To harass or bother someone or something, usually unfairly.
My sister was always picked on at school.
Please stop picking on me! I'm tired of it.
What could have caused so many people to pick on him?
by Tephie April 16, 2016
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A triangular or tear dropped shaped piece of plastic use to pluck the stings of a guitar. At first glance they appear inanimate ordinary plastic; however guitar picks are actually made from a very rare from of sentient plastic that has a tendency to roam around when left unattended. Their adventures can last up to two full weeks, and while most picks usually return to their place of origin, a poor sense of direction cause many to become lost, and some even intentionally run away. Picks also have a unique telepathic ability and can sense peoples joy, the more one enjoys using a particular pick, the more likely it is to abandon its owner.
I just bought 200 picks at the music store, by the time I actually went to play guitar I could only find one.
by StarFox69 November 04, 2013
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Guy 1: Do you know James?
Guy 2: Yeah, he’s very pick.
by TrippyRenn April 03, 2020
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