Jul 8
Having a male that you do relationship things with but you are not in a relationship with them. You can go hook up with other guys with no worries cause you're half single.
That's my half boyfriend but I'm still half single... So hello!
by Ash Kay November 11, 2015
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Jul 6
(noun) First seen in an Internet meme that began circulating circa summer 2018, the word โ€œchonkโ€ refers to an aggressively chubby housecat.

According to the cat girth scale depicted in the meme, a cat is a chonk (or chonker) if it has between 30 and 60 percent body fat.

Variations: chomk, chonker, heckinโ€™ chonker
My cat, Snowball, cries for food and tricks my family members almost daily into feeding her more than once... sheโ€™s becoming quite the hefty little chonk.
by Textbookvirgo September 27, 2018
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Jul 5
Gender Fluid is a gender identity best described as a dynamic mix of boy and girl. A person who is Gender Fluid may always feel like a mix of the two traditional genders, but may feel more boy some days, and more girl other days.
Being Gender Fluid has nothing to do with which set of genitalia one has, nor their sexual orientation.
No, I'm not a boy, and I'm not a girl either. I am gender fluid.
by SonicJMC January 21, 2007
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Jul 4
When you're so broke you spiral into a deep depression stopping you from doing things you love and hanging out with people.
"Hey man, wanna go out tonight?"

"Nah man I don't wanna get worse debtpression"
by Chardlz January 15, 2017
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Jul 2
Much like boyfriend or girlfriend, "theyfriend" is a gender neutral term that can be used for your genderfluid/agender/etc significant other that uses neutral pronouns.
"I'm going to see my theyfriend today! I love them so much~"
by MintJulepTestosterone April 20, 2015
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