When the orgasm is so good you can't move
Damn, she gave the best blow job last night, I swear man I was paralyzed
by Zeelinny November 15, 2016
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Dat nigga don' hit da drank, blazed fo' blunts now that nigga can't open his eyes. He paralyzed.
by ya boi May 26, 2005
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When engaging in sexually intercourse in the doggy-style position the male ejaculates on the females back, causing her to be "paralyzed" because of the massive load on her back which she doesn't want to spill or run.
It was so funny when Dre did "The Paralyzer Paralyzer"to Stephanie.
by D-$ on Da Flo January 8, 2009
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A Long Island Iced Tea in which the Coke is replaced with Everclear; also called a Highlander, due to the fact that "you will only need one".
Last night I drank some Paralyzers and got completely shitfaced...at least I think I did.
by IronicTrollFace January 4, 2017
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When you are so hurt that you start feeling numb to any kind of pain and gradually you loose yourself and every word you say, sounds like it came from someone else and you don't feel anything, you search for feelings but their aren't any, when you want to feel something...anything...or sometimes nothing and you know you are paralyzed.
Me : I am paralyzed... I want to feel again.. Something...anything! I want the real me back.

The ghosts in my room : 👀
by Starr 🌟 September 17, 2020
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When giving a blow job and the person giving said blowjob swirls their tongue around the head until the point that the receiver can not feel their limbs anymore.
"So Kelsey how did last night go?"
"It went great, I gave him head and sprang the paralyzer on him, he's crazy for it now!"
by getitgirljumponit March 28, 2008
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When a girl looks so good, that you feel paralyzed. Comes from the song "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven.
WTF is with the other definitions for paralyzer?!
by metallkidd93 March 9, 2008
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