to ride in a car while someone else drives
Person in car: I'm driving to the office right now, but I can't talk. I have to finish typing up this report.

Person on phone: While you're driving?

Person in car: Well I'm not DRIVE driving; I'm just driving.
by atds March 8, 2009
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They gone take yoo’ face off
They gone rumble
They gone take yoo’ face off
They gone rumble
They gone take yoo’ face off
They gone rumble
They gone take yoo’ face off

It’s about tribe, it’s about power
We stay hungry, we devour
Put in the work, put in the hours
And take what’s ours
Black & samoan in my veins
My culture banging with strange
I change the game so what’s my mo^^er-f^^ker name
Rock (what they gonna get though?)
Desecration, defamation
If you wanna bring it too the masses
Face too face now we escalatin’
When I have to put boots to a^^es
Mean on yaa’ like a dream
When I am rumblin’, you’re gonna scream mama
So bring drama too the king brahma (then what?)
Coming at ya with extreme mana (ahoo, ahoo, ahoo)
by yourmum5115152 November 17, 2021
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Your over all mojo at any differnt moment
damn i lost my drive
by darkness89 February 4, 2007
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to use, make use of, apply
Drive a computer, drive silverware, drive a a swimsuit
by LCAman March 8, 2011
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(v.) To make a powerful (penile) thrust.

(v.) Maneuvre a car
Most people can't fucking drive, I'll shove thier licence up thier....exhaust.
by Gumba Gumba May 24, 2004
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Describes someone or something that is fly,saucy,fresh,cool and/or stylish.
Person 1: Bianca is so drive...she is the most popular girl in school.
by roddie March 11, 2008
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That ho charge me $50 for a teabag, that bitch was drivin me!
by B-Ree February 1, 2005
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