To complete something, To add a finishing touch, To add something to something in order to make it superior.
All this car needs is a new exhaust and it's pretty much topped off!
by BigMan February 21, 2003
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To let one's beard grow long, preferably to mid-chest length. This is in reference to the famous beards worn by Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill from ZZ Top.
My beard? I like to top it off before winter so I don't have to wear a scarf.
by The Lord of Eltingville September 18, 2007
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(Freaky, bondage sex practice)
the penis is beaten repetitivly with a tea spoon (as is a boiled egg)until the lobes are disconected (the fireman decapitated)(the egg shell is broken) the female then feasts on the egg white (seman)(spunk)(jizz)(cum) and yolk (the blood now gushing from your headless boner. a rather revolting way to express love and effection, very rarly practiced twice.
bondage gang banger one"shit bitch you bit my head off"
bondage gang banger two "holy shit dude she totally topped you off!"
by dick May 29, 2004
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Topping it off refers to engagement in the act of sexual intercourse immediately after a woman has completed childbirth.
Where's Zach?

His baby mama just popped another one out and now he's in there topping it off.

Oh, you gotta!
by Hadu August 28, 2018
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to engaged in sexual intercourse with a girl because she hasnt had a dick in awhile.
that girl looks like she is running on empty, hey joe you better go top her off

she is coming over to the filling station later tonight so i can top her off
by TARGOLF August 19, 2012
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That odd circumstance when the waitress ask if she can top you off and you both just look at eachother with enchanted eyes. She then proceeds to take her top off and give that slip brain.
Top you off - “Yes son, I met your mom when she was waitressing at doc’s. She was filling up my water and asked if could top me off, I of course said yes and the rest is history.”
by Kyler keeps on April 8, 2022
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