relevant, pertinent, applicable, apposite, fitting, suitable
Her dream was communicative and to the point.
by Balukan July 2, 2017
Pointe is when a ballerina is dancing on the tips of her toes. Pointe is usually started when young ballet students are about 12 or 13. You need to have strong ankles, and good technique to be able to go on pointe.
"Your ankles look strong enough to go on pointe," the teacher told Rebeeca.


"My pointe shoes are Bloch Balance European."
by Allie G. July 20, 2006
The best kind of dance there is. Dancers have special shoes with flat toes to stand on. It requires an incredible amount of time, dedication, strength grace, and pure love of the art. It IS a sport, it IS just as hard as any other sport, and it WILL make you sweat, cry, and bleed. But if you really love it, like I do, you don't care about any of that. You care about the awesome people you meet, the amazing audiences, and the thrilling performances.
She is the best pointe dancer I've ever seen.
by POINTEprincess June 6, 2007
to be perfect; to satisfy; whatever it was, it met the person's standards
"Damn, that chicken was on point!"
by Shawnte' October 30, 2008
Being drunk; to the extent that you are too drunk to care and will therefore have a good time, but sober enough to be aware of what is going on at the time, and remember the night the following morning.

Best state of mind to be in when on the pull.
1:- Dude, I think I just hit the point
2:- what the fuck man it's only half 7
1:- It's gonna be a sick night broseph
2:- Point five
by Lord_Douche September 13, 2011
The opposite of Pointless, when something is full of 'point' it is POINTFUL.
Your statement was very pointful.
by Microphone "ceydn" Joe March 22, 2003
a point is 100 mg of any given substance (.1 of a gram hence the name)
Most commonly referenced when buying heroin, but is also used for any drug that is often sold in .1 amounts like crystal mdma.
jerry: yo u good i need 3 points
dboy: yea come thru
by amphboy January 18, 2019