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A snowclone is a contemporary and highly-adaptable phrase or word susceptible to a heavy-degree of banality (similar to that of a cliché) because of it's vulnerability to accede among a multitude of varying audiences.

A snowclone can either refer to the original word or phrasal - as well as it's beneficiaries - so long as the general form or template is readily detectable. e.g. The phrase "Keep Calm & Chive-On" is a snowclone of "Keep Calm & Carry-On" however both phrases meet the requirements to be considered a snowclone.

Well know British-American linguistic, Geoffrey K. Pullum, and American television writer and scientist, Glen Whitman, are credited for producing the term in the early 2000's.

The term "snowclone" is believed to be a a fusing of the words "snow" and "clone" as "snow" is a word often associated with a high concentration synonyms (replacement terms), the word "clone" typically connotes replication and/or repetition.
-"YOLO- You Only Live Once" snowcloned into "OOYL- Only Once You Live" among others.
-"Netflix & Chill" is a snowclone along with it's many predecessors such as: "Hulu & Hang" or "4Chan & Van" as a way to imply a sexual interest is present.
-Drake's infamous lyric: "Started From the Bottom Now We Here" became a snowclone almost instantly, prompting many jokes and memes including well-regarded "Started From the Bottom Now We a Little Bit Above the Bottom" jab.
by idtst August 08, 2016
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A type of formula-based cliché that uses an old idiom in a new context. A common example: "X is the new Y", a generic form of the original expression "pink is the new black". In order to apply the snowclone, X and Y should be substituted with new words or phrases. For the origin of the word, and to see a list of snowclones, go to Wikipedia.
A common example of a snowclone is "X is the new Y", a generic form of the original expression "pink is the new black". Wikipedia
by Alan Barker February 11, 2007
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