Made out of wood. I put in a definition for "cracker". In my definition, I used the term: "wooden cracker barrel."'s site has underlined "wooden", so I have to define "wooden" now.
Mr A.-"this model kit box says it's wooden. what does that mean?"

Mr.B-"wooden means: made out of wood."

Mr.A-"Oh. Oh yeah. boy do I feel dumb. I coulda figured that out for myself."
by mr. stuart August 8, 2005
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Woodenism is a cult luke burrow and martin chalk invented.

This the religion of the Wood. The universe is the great oak tree in the sky, and each fruit on it's brances is a different galaxy. We believe that wood has helped humanity and the world to be like the way it is today.

As we speak, the founders of Woodenism are creating the Royal Book Of Wood, It is the bible of Woodenism, full of the works of wood throughout history, and how we can relate them to moden times.

There is a group on Facebook donated to Woodenism, please come and join our cult and we can use wood to help us decide what is right and wrong in life.
"May the wood be with all of you"
"And with you my fellow fellow"
"These are the words of Woodenism"
by Luke Burrow April 11, 2010
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Ultra-effective chess tactic whereby a diagonal piece (i.e. a bishop or a queen) attacks 4 opponent pieces at the same time, so that the attacked pieces form an X-shape between each other, thus (according to legendary chess grandmaster xQc) resembling a wooden shield. The best move in response to the wooden shield tactic is considered to be resignation, as computers are yet to find a position where any response to the tactic doesn't lose on the spot. The tactic is considered to be incomprehensible to inexperienced players and even grandmasters, and only exceptionally high-IQ individuals with an IQ of 107 over are considered to be capable of understanding it.

Coined by prominent proponent of the Bing-Bang-Boom chess philosophy GM xQc, the wooden shield is an essential part of the theory behind the Flying Dragon, Knight variation, as well as the Flying Dragon, I Take Your Pawn variation openings, which build upon the idea that early pawns don't matter - an idea repeatedly corroborated by top-of-the-line engines and neural nets such as AlphaZero.
Noob: I'm a queen, a rook, and two pieces up in material, this guy's got no chance.
107-IQ God: *smirks* Omae wa mou shindeiru
107-IQ God: *plays the wooden shield*
Noob: *resigns in shame*
by Jacques Hayeilliheaulds May 22, 2020
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a term originated from Ireland used to define a coffin
"me mum's prettier than you and she's sleepin in a bleedin wooden onesie"
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An abundance of clothes pins on an empty clothes line, resembling birds on a power line.
Hand me one of those wooden birds so I can close up that bag of chips.
by A WHITE GUY July 26, 2017
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A term often used in relation to loading screens in gaming. Describes a players loadtime as being very slow.
Ah man, you've got a wooden pc or what?
by kaygeecee June 30, 2011
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A person that tells you strong opinions they have despite knowing nothing of the topic: translation from the Bulgarian phrase (дървен философ)
My dad fell asleep in the beginning of the movie but he is a wooden philosopher and said he hated it.
by JPFROMNAPLES January 6, 2019
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