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Some football player who many haters call shit but who is lowkey one of the better dribblers in the league and one of the most important Arsenal players.
Hater: Iwobi is shit!1!!
Me: *watches Iwobi humiliate Trent Alexander-Arnold, 'the best right back in the world'* oh yeah?
by Jacques Hayeilliheaulds June 03, 2019
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The definition of footballing genius and the most intelligent footballer on the planet. Also the most famous ham roll in Europe
Me: Hey, have you seen Aaron Ramsey's assist for Lacazette against Man Utd?
Ramsey hater: But... but... Ramsey is a stupid Welshman who can't play football!!
Me: What about his goal against CSKA Moscow?
Ramsey hater: Stop!!! Neither this supposed 'goal' nor the 'assist' actually happened!!! It's all Ramsey's witty shenanigans! He inserted chips into your brain that make you hallucinate and make himself look like a genius! And you fell for it! Ha!
by Jacques Hayeilliheaulds May 30, 2019
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Generally, a jock who both men and women would dream to fuck. Hardworking and smart, and a nice guy all-round.
-What's a homosexual male?
-A male person attracted to any other male person, excluding Arseny
by Jacques Hayeilliheaulds August 14, 2017
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Unlike what other definitions here are saying, nerdjocks don't necessarily need to be neither smarter than their peers nor physically superior. A nerdjock is simply someone who is both a nerd and a jock - that is obsessed with both nerdy topics like school, maths, comics, etc and physical activities like gym, running, football, rugby, etc.

Also contrary to what the other answers have you believe, a lot of nerdjocks actually struggle to fit in in any social group not only because they feel out of place in both nerd and jock groups, but also because a lot of them are just plain odd.
Jock: hey, you know John? Apparently he hangs out with some nerds, eugh, let's leave him to his business with the nerds!
Nerds: hey, you know John? Apparently he is just a jock only hanging out with us to feel smarter about himself. Let's leave him to his business with the jocks!
John, the nerd jock:🤷 ♂️
by Jacques Hayeilliheaulds August 27, 2019
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A derogatory title given to Americans, and sometimes all Westerners in general, in former CIS (i.e. USSR) countries - especially Russia and Ukraine. Mostly used by brainwashed amoebae and/or uncultured swines, or alternatively by normal people as a joke or to mock those who use the term seriously.
Vanya: Hey, I heard that Maxim has moved out to the US and A, is that true???
Mark: Yes, he can fuck right off to have anal sex* with his fellow pendos now. Eugh.
*People who use the term 'pendos' usually stereotype Americans as being gay.
by Jacques Hayeilliheaulds May 28, 2019
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Ultra-effective chess tactic whereby a diagonal piece (i.e. a bishop or a queen) attacks 4 opponent pieces at the same time, so that the attacked pieces form an X-shape between each other, thus (according to legendary chess grandmaster xQc) resembling a wooden shield. The best move in response to the wooden shield tactic is considered to be resignation, as computers are yet to find a position where any response to the tactic doesn't lose on the spot. The tactic is considered to be incomprehensible to inexperienced players and even grandmasters, and only exceptionally high-IQ individuals with an IQ of 107 over are considered to be capable of understanding it.

Coined by prominent proponent of the Bing-Bang-Boom chess philosophy GM xQc, the wooden shield is an essential part of the theory behind the Flying Dragon, Knight variation, as well as the Flying Dragon, I Take Your Pawn variation openings, which build upon the idea that early pawns don't matter - an idea repeatedly corroborated by top-of-the-line engines and neural nets such as AlphaZero.
Noob: I'm a queen, a rook, and two pieces up in material, this guy's got no chance.
107-IQ God: *smirks* Omae wa mou shindeiru
107-IQ God: *plays the wooden shield*
Noob: *resigns in shame*
by Jacques Hayeilliheaulds May 22, 2020
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