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Woodenism is a cult luke burrow and martin chalk invented.

This the religion of the Wood. The universe is the great oak tree in the sky, and each fruit on it's brances is a different galaxy. We believe that wood has helped humanity and the world to be like the way it is today.

As we speak, the founders of Woodenism are creating the Royal Book Of Wood, It is the bible of Woodenism, full of the works of wood throughout history, and how we can relate them to moden times.

There is a group on Facebook donated to Woodenism, please come and join our cult and we can use wood to help us decide what is right and wrong in life.
"May the wood be with all of you"
"And with you my fellow fellow"
"These are the words of Woodenism"
by Luke Burrow April 11, 2010
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