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A floppy penis.
It is also a shitty game that sucks ass and people commited suicide over it. The guy that came up with the game "flappy bird" was probably obsessed with big floppy penises.
Last night, I slapped your mom across the face with my flappy bird and she loved it.

This game flappy bird is pissing me off. i'm going to kill my self.
by A WHITE GUY March 10, 2014
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a moron who listens to punk rock and has a stupid red mohawk with the sides of his head shaved.
I'm bored, you wanna go beat up some rooster heads with me later on?
by A WHITE GUY October 20, 2013
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Store brand Mountain Dew knock offs or Mello Yello (which is made by coke as their competition.)
Some are great, some are just ok, some are quite terrible and taste like straight up sugar water with no fizz or citrus flavor (shasta moon mist, aka mountain doo-doo).
For $5.99 I can get a 12 pack of Mountain Dew, but for $2.75 I can get a 12 pack of mountain don’t. If it turns out to be mountain doo-doo, I won’t be too disappointed because it was only $2.75 for a 12er, I just won’t buy it again.
by A WHITE GUY January 27, 2019
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Someone who discriminates solely based on the decisions of an individual made in life. Factors such as race, height, weight, sex, and nationality do not come into play. However a decisionist may discriminate due to appearance if that individuals appearance is commonly associated with a group that the decisionist does not like the decisions of.
A decisionist is someone that doesn't like gangsters or the white guys that try to be gangster can discriminate against both of them equally, thus their actions are not racially motivated and the race card can't be pulled
by A WHITE GUY December 1, 2007
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Those are the dick heads who made Adblock Plus not work on youtube anymore, forcing us to sit through 2 minute ads for crest white strips while trying to watch a 25 second Youtube video, because Youtube whored themselves out to corporate America. Seriously Youtube, how fucking greedy can you get?
The ad nazis actually think that repeatedly cramming their shit down out throats will make people buy those shitty products, but it doesn't work for me.
by A WHITE GUY July 17, 2017
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A very fat male or female prostitute who will trade sexual favors for fast food instead of drugs. Usually seen outside of mc donalds or burger king chasing down people in their cars at the drive thru asking if they like to party.

also somebody who shows up at cookouts (usually uninvited) just for the free food and beer, drinks all the beer, makes an ass out of him/herself, creeps out all the chicks, leaves early, and goes home with enough food to feed their whole family for a week and when I say something about how much food they're leaving with, they act like I'm the asshole!!!
A food whore will do the following things:

suck your whopper for a whopper, choke your chicken for a mc chicken, and tickle your sack for a big mac.

"I'm never inviting food whore bob to any of my cookouts again. He drank all the beer, got shit faced and started acting a fool. He yelled "yeah fuck niggers" really loud during a conversation that had nothing to do with that. He also creeped out all the ladies there and tried hitting on all of them (even the ugly ones, and the married ones in front of their husbands or b/f's) using weird pick up lines. Then when he went home only 2 hours after the cook out started (which I'm thankful for), he took home enough food to live on for a few days leaving not nearly enough for the crowd, then when john said something about that, bob started cursing john out in front of some little kids calling him a nigger lover and threatening to rape him in the ass with a samurai sword."
by A WHITE GUY March 11, 2014
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A landlord who tries to maximize profits by not maintaining properties until threats of condemnation and charges more than the property's worth.

They usually own a-LOT of properties and those properties usually are in the ghetto while they are living in gated communities and mansions.

They don't care who they rent to or what the condition of the properties are in, just as long as they get rent money.

They will rent to the biggest pieces of shit on earth such as violent sex offenders, crack heads, jailbirds, white trash, alkys, junkies, thieves, gangbangers, or just plain assholes.

Usually only accept rent in cash to avoid taxes, may have a history of tax evasion charges, and serve alot of evictions.

When something goes wrong with the house due to neglect, the slumlord usually blames the tenants and raises the rent because he had to fix it.

Most slumlords do not give background checks or charge security deposits. However, if they do give a background check and you have a criminal history, no problem! They will let you move right in. And if they do charge security deposits, they will keep it and say ("you damaged the property more than the security deposit is worth, but i'm going to be nice not take you to court") just to psyche you out of suing him.
My house is falling apart, full of mold, mildew, rats and cockroaches and the roof is leaking. There is exposed wiring, broken windows, gaping holes in walls, lead paint peeling from the woodwork, and crack heads living upstairs. In the basement, there is a sewage leak and missing or broken structural beams AND THE LANDLORD AINT DOING SHIT ABOUT ANY OF THAT!!! He even rented out the downstairs apartment knowingly to a child molester fresh out of prison knowing I have 3 young children living with me. Then after I finally moved out, he had the balls to withhold my security deposit and take me to court saying i destroyed the apartment (eventhough i left it in better condition than when i moved in) and said that I didn't pay rent for 3 months. What a slumlord!

The building is now condemned and boarded up HA HA HA.
by A WHITE GUY September 25, 2013
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