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Often confused with "financially responsible" by stupid materialistic people who are extremely irresponsible with money, are likely in shitloads of debt, and have rich parents to sponge off of.

Examples of Cheap Asses:
Washing and re-using things such as paper towels, glad bags, trash bags, disposable razors, other disposables etc.....
Buying a beat up $400 clunker and driving it for 20+ years
Buying that wimpy single-ply butthole scraping dingleberry making sand paper, because it cost a whole dollar less than normal TP.
Stealing all the napkins, sporks, and ketchup packets from a fast food restaurant to take home.
Using the same tea bag/coffee filter for months at a time.
Showing up to a BYOB party with a 4 pack of steel reserve (or some other foul ass cheap beer typically consumed by alcoholics), bumming the good beers from friends all night, and leaving with said 4-pack.
Constantly "forgetting" wallet to get out of paying restaurant bills when eating out with friends.
Not tipping the waitress, even though the service and meal was satisfactory.
Moron: "Why can't you borrow me $5200 so I can pay off my credit card bills and support my gambling addiction? You're such a cheap ass!"
Financially responsible "cheap ass": "I won't borrow you any of my hard earned money because you'll probably end up blowing it some stupid useless shit you saw on TV, like a designer anal massager, instead of putting it towards your credit card bill anyway. Since you're unable to pay your bill, how can I trust that you'll even pay me back? Can't you get your daddy to pay it off, since he's loaded?"
Moron: "Nope, my cheap ass daddy finally got tired of my bullshit and cut me off."
Financially responsible "cheap ass": *palms forehead*
by A WHITE GUY June 14, 2017
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Taking a mean shit in the toilet right before giving someone a swirlie.
Lets give those nerds some cleveland swirlies.
by A WHITE GUY July 2, 2014
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Any man caught reading any of the magazines listed below will be considered a homo.

Better homes and garden
People magazine
Entertainment Weekly
or any gay porn mag.
I'm living in my car because the other day I came came home from work early and caught my roommate on my couch putting a buttplug in his ass while he was pounding off to a fagazine, and there was dookie and jizz everywhere. I'm never going back there again.
by A WHITE GUY April 27, 2014
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Cocaine that was snorted off a surface infected with corona virus
Covidcaine is a hell of a drug/virus!!!
by A WHITE GUY April 16, 2020
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KFC double down sandwich. (aka the double death sandwich)

It consists of 2 fried chicken breasts (used instead of a traditional bun), 2 slices of bacon, and a slice of cheese with some kind of sauce.

You can't call it a heart attack on a bun because it doesn't even have a bun. You could probably only find it in america.
American fat fuck1:Hey phil, you down to eat a shitload of death sandwiches from kfc?
American fat fuck2:Hell yeah Randy, I'm not only down, I'm double down. and while we're there, we'll order some large sodas and see if they can fill the cups with gravy.
American fat fuck1:Oh shit, I forgot that we're too fat to even walk up to the drive thru window.
American fat fuck2:awwwww man, I only had 47 heart attacks this year.
American fat fuck1: We better smoke some crack to drop some weight so we can actually fit inside of kfc.
by A WHITE GUY July 14, 2014
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Someone who discriminates solely based on the decisions of an individual made in life. Factors such as race, height, weight, sex, and nationality do not come into play. However a decisionist may discriminate due to appearance if that individuals appearance is commonly associated with a group that the decisionist does not like the decisions of.
A decisionist is someone that doesn't like gangsters or the white guys that try to be gangster can discriminate against both of them equally, thus their actions are not racially motivated and the race card can't be pulled
by A WHITE GUY December 1, 2007
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A floppy penis.
It is also a shitty game that sucks ass and people commited suicide over it. The guy that came up with the game "flappy bird" was probably obsessed with big floppy penises.
Last night, I slapped your mom across the face with my flappy bird and she loved it.

This game flappy bird is pissing me off. i'm going to kill my self.
by A WHITE GUY March 10, 2014
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