Refers to a man or woman who is inept at interacting in sexual intercourse due to excess of alcohol, particularly in the case of the man.
Gertrude turned to Ernest and said;
“Fuck me you are a wooden plank aren’t you, how much have you had to drink”
Ernest frowned solemnly and preceded to dress himself and take a cab home.
by DopeDickFuckChick January 19, 2021
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Very uncommon hood slang. Used in place of "nigga" or "nigger". Is used as an insult and racist term against black people. Usually use it when describing a "rotten or dirty nigger"

This originated from a "spruce plank" "spruce slab" like from Minecraft, but it is most commonly used in the West as just wooden slab.
P1: Did you hear about that black guy that just robbed the bank?
P2: Those wooden slabs!
by YawnDerscore September 28, 2017
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Nickname given to the deHavilland Mosquito, a British Fighter-Bomber used during World War Two. This aircraft was known for its lightweight all-wood construction, its speed and its ability to take damage.
"Oi, The Wooden Wonder t'wernt a better attack plane in the King's Air force and dat's a fact."
by JonathanChance September 30, 2003
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A specialist antique driver used by world class golfers. Specifically designed to send an agonising recoil up through your hands when contact is made with the ball (which isn't very often due to the ergonomic putter head) Recommended for ranges of 150 Yards and under. Great for pee rollers and low drives.
John "Are you jealous of my wooden driver?"
Andrew "Yes..." (He replies with a sad face knowing all the bank in the world will not acquire him such a weapon)
by Shanelovdahoop15 April 04, 2017
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a basic torture device consisting of a horizontal member such as a board or pipe on which the sufferer rests the weight of the crotch.
Good slaves get spanked, bad slaves ride the wooden pony.
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
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Acoustic music, from the largely wood instruments such as acoustic guitars and basses, banjos, fiddles, dobros, etc.
Acoustic Sunrise on KFOG plays a lot of great wooden music.
by Dr. Badwrench March 29, 2008
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1. A wood token coin

2. a reminder to be cautious in one's dealings.
His word is worth a wooden nickel; That is worth a wooden nickel
by DT82 May 07, 2011
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