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Around 1940 and after, "a boner" was a screw up or mistake. So, to "pull a boner" was to make a mistake. Don't say "I pulled a boner" to your Teacher or Boss or police. they'll punnish you for that. If you're brave, you could try it with anyone else.
Wife- why'd you eat my cake?? I was saving that!

husband- "sorry Dear. I pulled a boner."
by mr. stuart March 30, 2006

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A Latino or Latina person who is part African-American or part African, or wants to be part African or part African-American. In the 1971 film, Sweet Sweetback's Baad Aaasss Song, a Latina woman calls herself a "Nacho Nizzle".
from a film, "Stop harassing me with your questions, cop! Get away from me, Man! Or I'll throw a nacho nizzle fit on you.
by mr. stuart July 22, 2005

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just a guess of mine-cracker=stereotype name for a white person. The name might have come from the tradition of andy griffith tv show-like white man run- general store, where old geezer white men would play checkers on top of a wooden cracker barrel.
Maybe charlie knows how to fix your motorcycle.

Shoot! That old cracker can't fix anything made after Noah's ark!
by mr. stuart June 14, 2004

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Stands for anti-American Ignorance. An a.i. is anyone who dislikes or insults Americans for no reason.
That European reporter is blaming the USA for Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo.
What a typical A.I.
by mr. stuart March 02, 2005

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Made out of wood. I put in a definition for "cracker". In my definition, I used the term: "wooden cracker barrel." urbandictionary.com's site has underlined "wooden", so I have to define "wooden" now.
Mr A.-"this model kit box says it's wooden. what does that mean?"

Mr.B-"wooden means: made out of wood."

Mr.A-"Oh. Oh yeah. boy do I feel dumb. I coulda figured that out for myself."
by mr. stuart August 08, 2005

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A stereotypical word meaning an african-american. Possibly a mispronunciation of nergro. Some people dislike the word negra as much as the n-word. I suggest that you don't call a stranger a negra. Calling someone this could be as insulting as calling an african-american a "boy".
In 1850, my relatives used to own a lot of negra slaves.
by mr. stuart September 13, 2004

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