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Something that people should keep to themselves when writing a definition for UrbanDictionary.
"99.9% of the definitions on this site are opinions."
"Isn't that an opinion in and of itself?"
by ...SARAH. March 14, 2008
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Contrary to what many people who add 'definitions' here think, Opinion is not the same as Definition. Opinion is the usually biased twisting of facts based on someone's viewpoint. Definition is impartial fact.
Definition: "The USA is a powerful English-speaking country in North America. It's population is approximately 295 million."

Opinion: "The USA is a country full of ignorant, fat rich bastards who exploit poorer countries so that they can munch more burgers and get even fatter"
by Your worst nightmare November 14, 2003
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Sometimes used as an excuse for someone to say anything they want.
"You're an ***-hole."

"No I'm not. I don't even know you."

"It's my opinion."
by Enganox February 05, 2009
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A thought that is based on one's view of the world. All opinions are true to their holders, but are not always true to others. Despite the insistance of retarded UrbanDictionary users posting their opinions as definitions, no opinion is factual.
Retard: Hey look, I defined everything I like as "god" and everything I hate as "gay"!
Non-Retard: Dude, a dictionary is a collection of DEFINITIONS, not OPINIONS.

Retard then defines Non-Retard as gay.
by Evil Zak January 04, 2004
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something that ppl dont ask for on urban dictionary but at the same time, makes urban dictionary a lot more enjoyable.
its funny how all of the real definitions on urban dictionary have bad ratings, but the opinions that a vast majority of ppl agree with have 50+
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e November 05, 2005
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