when something is pretty but something else is prettier
your smile is pretty” “yours is prettier tho
by altgirlluvr January 18, 2023
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Refering to pop star Lorde, who is infact, a Prettier Jesus, as she states in her song "Solar Power".
Yo, who sang that song Royals in like 2013?

The Prettier Jesus did!
by ellasellaphant July 1, 2022
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A band that was formed in 2006 playing post-hardcore & screamo music. They originated from Sydney Australia they really are a talented bunch of musicians and on stage are really entertaining.
by fooozballs November 1, 2007
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means they’re planning on offing themselves
friend 1: I’ll make the sunsets prettier.
friend 2: Please don’t.
by March 21, 2022
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you may think that tasmin is prettier than isabel as tasmin has a boyfriend but if you look at both girls you can clearly see that isabel is prettier and hotter than tasmin
i ain’t never seen two pretty best friends , me either it’s clearly isabel ( who is prettier isabel or tasmin )
by spittingdemfacts6969 November 16, 2020
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Well of course I'm talking about Pentagon, this 9 beautiful creatures, who made my life brighter and happier.
Pentagon is a group of 9 angels, Jung Wooseok (the youngest and tallest), Kang Hyunggu or Kino (a charming prince who lives in a castle and will come save you in a white horse), Yuto(da) (Dark clothes are LIFE, Hard on the outside and soft on the inside), Yeo One or Yeo Changgu (a funny guy that will make you fall in love with his handsomeness in 0.1 seconds), Koh Shinwon ( I just want him to take me to McDonald's with him and hear his jokes all day long), Hui (Pentagon of leader, charming, hardworking, talented, vocal king and RICH ), Hongseok (ABS✨, looks hella fine, caring mom), Yan An (MADE IN CHINA), Jo Jinho (A baby, must protect, VOCALS✨, HIGH NOTES ✨, as soft as clouds, the oldest and smallest)

If you are interested in PENTAGON make sure to follow me on Instagram @prismy_universe
This 9 creatures who made my life prettier can make your life prettier too if you stan
by Pentagon is my religion July 12, 2020
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