A term often used in relation to loading screens in gaming. Describes a players loadtime as being very slow.
Ah man, you've got a wooden pc or what?
by kaygeecee June 30, 2011
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A person that tells you strong opinions they have despite knowing nothing of the topic: translation from the Bulgarian phrase (дървен философ)
My dad fell asleep in the beginning of the movie but he is a wooden philosopher and said he hated it.
by JPFROMNAPLES January 06, 2019
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A dildo that is highly popular in Australia, mainly amongst the aborigines. The whole dildo is carved out of eucalyptus wood, the tree that koalas get their food from. The shaft is similar to a didgeridoo and the head is shaped like a koala, hence the name, Wooden Koala.
Australian #1: G'day mate, how was your night?
Australian #2: It was great, I used a Wooden Koala on my bunghole. Now I can barely walk!
by AbidWoodenKoalaUser April 01, 2010
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This is whereby two men (not having to be gay) place their fully erect penis' bell end to bell end, creating a "bridge", they then have a mouse run across it.
Person 1: "hey can you get that mouse to me"
Person 2: "yeah but only by mean of wooden bridge"
Person 1: " okay..."
by DonkyShlong May 09, 2010
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The number one cause of disciplined children all over the world. (Though mainly of Portuguese descent) The wooden spoon is a dangerous weapon capable of ending the tantrum of even the most stubborn child.
No, mom! Not the wooden spoon! No I promise I won't throw anymore pipe bombs!
by CriticalDesign April 09, 2008
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the prize you should get for 4th place as gold is for 1st, silver is for 2nd, bronze is for 3rd
Even though Charlie finished outside the top 3, he ran a good race. I think he deserves the wooden medal.
by Q-City Wordsmith October 24, 2009
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