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A gender neutral equivalent of witch or wizard. Someone who practices magic.
"Did you see all those wix down in Diagon Alley today? Guess it's almost time for Hogwarts to start up again."
by Product of NIMH June 06, 2016
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when something is cool, or approvable
"im got me the new nofx cd today"
by dan August 04, 2003
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short for wicked meaning awesome or cool. Also see wack and the bomb
"I heading to that new club downtown later, it should be wix"
by davidex July 10, 2008
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Lesbian - based on the acronym "woman in comfortable shoes"
Pronounced with a long "s" sound at the end - wicssssss
Steve - Dude, check out the blond in the corner!

Matt - Wastin' your time man, she's a wix
by timmysheen July 27, 2011
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One who is overly obese , has children , Doesn't see them , Drink's Bourbon with them even though they're only 12 and 13 years old , Still plays virtual places chat from dusk till dawn after 11 and a half years.
"Im getting drunk timmy pooh "lol" i need another glass of bourbon "lol" i can hardly stand even though im sitting "lol" im such a wix "lol"
by marc February 11, 2004
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