One of the best fucking bands ever, plain and simple.
Holy shit last week I saw nofx and I shot a constant stream of semen for 10 minutes spraying everyone with the bittersweet necture...
by gorsh dick August 17, 2003
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A band that proves punk is not fucking dead. Band includes Eric Melvin who will make you milt yourself every time you see him if you're a girl and maybe even some of you guys out there if you "swing" that way.
Man, I got laid for the first time after a NOFX concert.
by Dude March 10, 2004
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1. A band in the now defunct punk scene who knows what they are singing about, an epic and a zenith of music.

2. A group of intelegent people who write halarious and/or political music and happen to play of punk style.
"When did punk rock become so safe, when did the scene become a joke" - Nofx
by Rushisbeatingupjesus January 22, 2004
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an idol band for all of the punks of the world
NOFX is the band that unites all of the true punks of the world!
by JOSH B FROM NEW JERSEY! March 28, 2004
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-NOFX is stupid cause they don't sing about girls.
-You're stupid because, well I don't know but you are!
by tintle September 11, 2004
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Possibly the greatest punk band very talented for all of those who say they arent Talent NOFX songs:Stickin My Eye,The Decline,Irrationality of Rationality,hobophobic
people who dont like NOFX can fuck off
by Jay July 29, 2003
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