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When the fade stands tall as seen at
www.mensaa.com as if you were not aware
by marc August 9, 2004
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Nadsat for an apology.

Nadsat is the language used by the main character and his friends in clockwork orange.
by marc November 30, 2004
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Someone who is known to let Catmandoo's own him. Usually caused by ToiletDuck eating or perhaps watching his kitty, while Catmandoo kills him.
Wow, Catmandoo, you killed me while I was watching television and brushing my teeth!
by marc March 18, 2005
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really crowded, can be in a good or bad way
1. Man, that bathroom is Tokyo crowded!
2. The club was Tokyo Crowded last night, it was great!
by marc June 19, 2006
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somebody who does their best to betray their country
George W. Bush was elected president and served 4 years as a traitor
by marc January 1, 2005
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noun. In the flash animated series of Homestar Runner cartoons, a non-existant wonder that Strong Bad uses by looking into a paper bag. Homestar Runner has hopes that he will someday be allowed to see the Thing In A Bag, and does errands for Strong Bad to curry his favor.
HS: What are you doing?

SB: Hanging out at The Stick, looking at a thing in a bag.

HS: Can I see?

SB: No. It's for me. And The Cheat. And Strong Mad.
by marc February 25, 2004
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when your balls get stuck to your leg
when you get up after sitting with your legs together and u feel your balls stuck to your leg
by marc March 14, 2005
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