100 definitions by Keith

a naeve political movement in wich there are no laws and no government.
Anyone who has seen a traffic light that's out can see that anarchy just won't work.
by Keith February 04, 2005
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The best place to chat in the whole wide world.
If someone kills merfle, I'll kill him
by Keith November 11, 2003
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crap that makes my head hurt, and makes me seriously doubt the right of teenagers to ever speak or remove their hands form the pockets so as not to scream terrible lyrics or discrace a guitar by arranges the 3 chords they know into noise.
Oh god, my head hurts just thinking about metal.
by Keith January 25, 2005
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A flannel shirt-wearing, pickup-truck-driving, farmer-tan-sporting, tobacco-spitting asshole redneck.
"Look at the dumbass 'neck with cowboy stripes (chew spit dribble) on the side of his 12-foot-tall F-350 crew cab monster pile of shit>"
by Keith November 29, 2003
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Place where everything is better than where your from. For example, weed. It also doesnt smell, and not everyone likes emo, because emo is gay. Home of the malls, playah
Me: you ever been to new jersey?
person: hell no i heard it smells like shit, and the people have a gay accent
Me :: pulls out 9 ::
by Keith December 01, 2003
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