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A reporter for Australia's Network Ten (no joke).
"...Harry Potter, Ten news".
by Dan November 24, 2003

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Pacifiers for men and women. Something to look at when talking to a woman.
"hope she doesn't notice me looking at those fine tits"

by dan March 23, 2003

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weed is marijuana, stupid. here's some names i've collected
chron or chronic
dro (hydroponics)
sticks and stems (shitty weed)
sticky-icky (dripping with THC)
mauie wowie
jamaican red hair
kind bud
skunk and super skunk
mary jane
grass (no one calls it that anymore)
ganga (pronounced GAHN-JAH)
herb or herbal
mids or middies (average weed)
damn, there's a ton more, i just can't remember from smoking all of the above.
yo, pass me that bowl of cherried weed
by DAN September 03, 2004

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an ounce of marijauna
I'm picking up a zip today.
by Dan April 28, 2003

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Tall, tight footwear worn to nightclubs, house parties, bars, and other social locations, by women who wish to send the signal "fuck me".
Generally, the boots extend to at least mid-calf level -- usually, to the knee.
Leather is the traditional material, while latex or other shiny material signals a female ready to rut.
Obviously, these boots are worn with clothing that does not overlap -- usually, a short mini-skirt, furthering the "fuck me" signal.
Oh man, did you see C.P.D. wearing the fuck me boots? She's ready for some action!
by Dan June 01, 2003

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an 8th of marijuana
Do you know where I can find Henry?
by Dan April 28, 2003

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The closest I'll ever get to being with a woman
You're so porno
by dan May 08, 2003

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