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The renegade province located off the east coast of Africa. Run by a group of Satanist I.H.M. nuns who have enslaved many peoples who aimlessley drifted to the island in search of food and/or shelter. Its leader The Dimick is notorious through out Africa as a brutal War Lord. Some have attempted to save the poor creatures trapped on this island. One man's name is Sung Bung.
Did you hear that someone ALMOST escaped from Aloysius but got shot in the head, ravaged my sharks, poisoned, impaled, and raped before he had a chance?
by dan March 27, 2004
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A synonym for God. Generally used during sexual intercourse.
Oh my Alphy!
by dan September 1, 2003
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A Quaker from Pennsylvania who has crab infested skills in all he does
I said grass you to Amish Thunder and he broke out his crazy sick ninja skills
by dan April 8, 2004
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someone who has one sponsor and has finished all tricks except switch.
by dan January 5, 2004
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an action of shoving things in their ass that dont go their.
Njegos likes to analize with other guys dicks
by dan April 26, 2005
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Modern or classic rock music that falls into the genres of: heavy metal, grunge, indusrial, post-grunge, or punk rock.
I'm tired of listening to this love song garbage. Let's find a radio station with some angry white man music.
by dan February 12, 2008
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A disease that some people think is self-inflicted, this isn't entirely true, as no one becomes anorexic because THEY want to be thin. People become anorexic because they think everyone else wants them to be thin.
Anorexia is more serious than obesity as a lot more people accept anorexia as being good.
by dan December 23, 2004
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