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Pornography of any kind... movies/mags/pics/ext.
-"what you doing when you get home"
-"watching Barred"
by dan November 10, 2004
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Stereotype of Greeks played by a stupid skip!
I hate when skips try to be wogs, they are just Con the Fruiterers and came in chains to Aussie!
by dan September 21, 2003
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The Canadian equivalent of Joe Don Baker.
Rowsdower and Joe Don Baker were seperated at birth and sent to neighboring countries.
by dan February 7, 2004
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Behavior similar to that of a n00b
Of or relating to n00bs
Stop acting so n00bish, that's gimp
by dan August 29, 2005
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Australian slang - colloquial term for an amorous female
wrestling a crocodile
ie - to engage in consensual intercourse with an amorous female
by dan October 1, 2004
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Proper is actually a word you can use all by itself, you can just expostulate "Proper!" and it means something similar to "Wicked!" or "Excellent!" or "Cool!". It is an exclamative word. If something totally cool or awesome happens you just say "Proper!" and it means the same as "Awesome!" or "Cool!", but it is much newer and fresher and better and longer-lasting than those words. Its literal definition is "Perfect". Say this if you want to not only be with it, but way, way ahead of it. Proper.
"You just won the lottery, dude!"
by dan September 3, 2004
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