A phrase that is used to show something is really cool. Exceptionally good to use while in an airport.
Man, this airport is THE BOMB!!!
by firewall July 3, 2015
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something or someone that is tight, phat, chill, cool, rocks, or just plan awesome
dam fool that shirt is the bomb you know
by kdiddy September 9, 2003
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A phrase, which much like Courtney Love, was only popular during the early nineties. At the time, it meant "exceptionally cool".

The coolness of "the bomb" goes down another proverbial notch, when it is referred to as "DA bomb".
"Dude that party last night was da bomb!"

"Get the fuck outta my house! Who do you think you are saying "da bomb" in my place?"

"But, dude!"

"No fuckin' exceptions. Get out, you're not Courtney Love"
by urban_dictator July 4, 2004
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When China got the bomb, the USSR felt more threatened than did the US.
by Jesfine July 10, 2004
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