Where you can watch porn in a whole new different level
Who needs prostitutes when you have virtual reality
by USCFOOTBALL August 29, 2016
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A cyberworld where the ugly can be beautiful, the weak can be strong, the old can be young, the poor can be rich, boys can be girls and no one really minds at all.
If you are a gamerboy, then you would rather live in virtual reality.
by Guido1 October 27, 2009
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It’s a thing you want but can’t afford.
“It’s cool and you watch a lot of porn on it, you should get Virtual Reality.”
by cutout July 1, 2021
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Person 1: Wanna do some VR?
Person 2: What's VR?
Person 1: Virtual reality.
Person 2: What's that.
Person 1: You're a fucking idiot.
by Idiot_Builder April 27, 2022
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An internet force so powerful that you would be destroyed before you even though of challenging it.

More powerful than Daedalus, more powerful than the Eschelons, more powerful than Eos.
You heard of Virtual^Reality?
Yeah I've heard all kinds of stuff about it.
Just don't mess with it, no matter what.
by FTB June 7, 2003
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The need to take care of practical things after an extended period of time on the interweb, gaming or watching action movies.
Mom: Ryan, you've been playing Warcraft on line since yesterday and the dog needs to be walked. Seriously, it's time for a virtual reality check!
by Neesied69 August 8, 2012
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Easy version: Dream simulator machine-brain interface

In depth: Simulates senses using nerve stimulations and retrieve information using deep brain scanning to make experiences interactable
Fallcon: man I can't wait for Full Dive Virtual Reality!
by skittito February 2, 2021
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