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Eos (Aurora) is the goddess of the dawn.
Eos is, in Greek mythology, the Titan goddess of the dawn, who rose from her home at the edge of Oceanus, the Ocean that surrounds the world, to herald her brother Helios, the sun. The Greek worship of the dawn as a goddess is believed to be inherited from Indo-European times. The name Eos is cognate to Latin Aurora, to Vedic Ushas.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ August 04, 2010
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Electro Optical System, used by the camera manufacturer Canon in their film/digital cameras. Cameras like EOS Rebel 2000 or EOS Elan 7 are Electro Optical System. EF or EF-S lenses can be used on a EOS camera.
EOS-1Ds looks really hot
by Alex Panzer July 09, 2005
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Acronym for 'End Of Story'.
"Have you checked that band EOS?"
by Matt C August 30, 2003
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Killer dubstep producer, even tough he isn't well known he is much better then justin bieber and as soon as his remix of we found love is authorized..... justin bieber is finally dead

Serisouly? Justin bieber should of been dead years ago

Look up we found love dubstep eos
Justin bieber: oh shit, i'm dead

Skrillex: i'll take EOS's remix off soundcloud

Justin bieber: thanks

everyone else: EOS will kill you two!
by EOS4life December 18, 2011
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MW2 clan Acronym for "Eat Our Shit"
originated from EMS Acronym for "Eat My Shit"
"We just got pwned by EOS
by la llorona January 01, 2010
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