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Governmental Artificial Intelligence Construct programmed for the management and maintenance of the Global Aquinas network. Based on the experimental Morpheus AI construct. Predecessor of Icarus and Helios AI Constructs.
MAJESTIC 12 used Daedalus as a tool to eavesdrop the global communications. The Daedalus Hub had been centralized (for performance-related reasons) in the Area51 base.
by ShadowCode December 14, 2003
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1. A very intelligent inventor in Greek mythology who supposedly invented the labyrinth. He was subsequently imprisoned by King Minos of Crete, but escaped with his son Icarus by creating wings made of seagull feathers, wax, and string. Icarus, however, flew too close to the sun, and the wax melted - he fell to his death in the Ocean.

2. An Artificial Intelligence in the game Deus Ex: The Conspiracy. Created by Majestic 12 in order to identify terrorists, it identified Majestic 12 as a terrorist organization itself. Its predecessor was the Morpheus prototype, and it later joined with Icarus to form Helios. One method of winning the game was to join with the Helios AI.

3. Me.
Daedalus was extremely intelligent.
by Daedalus January 07, 2004
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GameFaqs user who held up the legendary "Saxon = Joke Account" sign at WWE Survivor Series 2003.
Daedalus held up the "Saxon = Joke Account" sign.
by Daedalus September 07, 2004
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A uber-1337 gamer, kicks ass at virtually every genre. There can be only one, and he already exists. Do not be a poser of me.
Daedalus stomped your n00b13 ass in Battlefield Vietnam right after schooling you in WarCraft III.
by Daedalus[CM] August 02, 2004
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