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VR is a short term for Virtual Reality and it is probably where all the gamers and bored people and people who'd like to escape reality will be in a few years.
VR is pretty cool and fun to play, yet needs a lot of power and money.
P1: Yo bro wanna come play beat saber with me in my room?
P2: wait how will we play beat saber?
P1: Don't you know i have a VR set?
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by SOMBRA ON STEROIDS April 08, 2019
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VR stands for Virtual Reality. It is the fake world you go when you are displeased with the real world and you have no friends.
Person: Hey dude! Do you want to play VR with me?
Person: *Realizes he has no friends*
by TheSpicyPickle May 28, 2019
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Short for VR6 a 6 cylinder VW performance engine. Found in the Bora, GLX and other high end Volkswagens.
That Vr Jetta sure can peel the tires!
by Gnomey January 18, 2007
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vr is a thing that makes you feel real
by hiyousef May 29, 2019
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Velvet Revolver, a current rock group formed by members of Guns N' Roses and Stone Temple Pilots
Hey did you catch the VR concert last night?

Did you hear that new VR song? It kicks ass.
by acb November 14, 2005
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