pictures posted of your or other peoples watches on WIS (watch idiot savant) sites. especially craved is the "wrist shot" where by you actually see the watch in action. another desired angle is the reverse angle or caseback, the backside of the watch. such shots are know to bring WIS to frenzy and driving them to look for their own new watch.
Wife: What are you looking at?!?
Husband: Nothing...
Wife: Are you looking at more WATCH PORN?? You're not buying ANOTHER watch, you already maxxed out the visa.
Husband: Uuuugh. It's a disease honey, WIS.
Wife: Is that some guy's wrist? Gross how hairy!
by omega wis January 1, 2011
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A sentence used mostly by children when there doing something even worse than watching porn
mom: Are you buying a new liver?
by fRape January 19, 2021
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A phrase that shows your approval of sexual relations between two (or more) people, in that you'd jack off to them having sex.
Mark: Did you hear? Sally and Jim are going out.
Bob: Holy shit, I'd watch that porn!
by Nitemarish September 24, 2009
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Fast forwarding past boring, insignificant or predictable parts of a movie or video to get to the more interesting parts.
Since I've seen "Pulp Fiction" so many times, I porn-watched it and skipped to the action scenes.
by TomJones123 February 5, 2013
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Shitpost that originated from the youtube video "7 Strangest Things That Happened on an Airplane" posted by youtuber "They Will Kill you" it is followed by an equally funny entry "Number 6: Man urinated on fellow passenger for not being allowed to smoke"
they will kill you: Number 7: student watches porn, gets naked
by Hehe I cheated August 31, 2021
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