1.Many of the same thing. Ironically, it does not mean many different things.
2.It may also be used as an emphasis for an adjective.
1.There are all kinds of peppers in my sandwitch.
2.Those breasts are all kinds of big!
by markierung March 12, 2009
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A strong determination towards a goal born as a product of overconsumption of alcohol. The term is derived from the phrase "twelve ways to Sunday."
by cullen4540 November 17, 2008
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A distasteful error or lack of decorum in an appropriate setting. A disgrace, a complete failure, an "L". A display of poor judgement in the use of language, form of dress, behavior or a lack of couth in general. A fail.
Not wearing a bra to work is just all kinds of wrong.
by Glasstipper May 27, 2014
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more than just the average sneaky. A multiple act of sneakiness. Like an assassin
quick lets attack him, but wait we need to be all kinds of sneaky
by aksassassin June 1, 2012
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Short for: "It takes all kinds". Takes all kinds is a way of saying "I don't know, that person is weird, but it takes all kinds of people to run the world, even if those people are weirdos."
Person A: What is she doing with her life? Why would she buy a lawn flamingo buisness?
Person B: *sigh* Takes all kinds.
by dangboyhethicc March 30, 2022
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