To be slandered or attacked via twitter.
The new Supreme Court nominee, had solid credentials but that didn't prevent her from getting twattered by Newt.
by mick e June 5, 2009
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What the social media platform Twitter should be actually named. A mass group of Twats talking shite endlessly and thinking of themselves as modern-day Aristotles.
Mac was going to go on Twatter but realised he had a life and so closed the laptop and went out and met the world with a smile.
by LiberaceHudson September 24, 2017
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Any insult that includes a reference to female genitalia.
Harmony was angry at Geoff after he used a twatterism.
by The curious bibliophile September 11, 2018
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A pejorative word employed by intelligent individuals to describe Twitter, a contemporary sickness enveloping the universe at alarming rates. Those with Twatter in their lexicons have made a pledge to shun the micro blogging site, for they have actual lives imbued with experiences and enjoyments in real time with real people. Those who patronize Twitter with sickening regularity are often repulsed and deeply offended by Twatter references, claiming that 140 characters can change the world, "giving everybody a voice." It's a crock of shit of course, and like a leaking meat wallet, the only thing this technology represents is an opportunity for fucktards to demonstrate just how much they stink.
Trevor: "Did you see John's tweet last night about his date with Berta?"
Dave: "Yea, that guy is a raging douche nozzle. He's always on Twatter talking about himself and all his problems."
by Othercrisp Chalkr December 28, 2013
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Twitter from twats. Originally Twitter from Justin Bieber.
You: Hey wasn't that Twitter from Timberlake funny as hell?

Me: Sorry, your highness, I don't follow Twatter.
by Sir Squirrel April 28, 2015
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a person who uses twitter.
Oh he just twittered about waking up with bologna stuck to his chest. What a twatter.
by sandercommander May 27, 2009
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