A singer/minstrel/poet of folk songs/literature.
Troubadours were musicians.
by werwertwgg432 January 17, 2005
A French bullfighter who duals with words instead of bulls.
With a jar of ink in hand and white rose clinched firmly between his teeth, the troubadour stabbed playfully at the parchment until going in for the killing blow.... and a masterpiece was born.
by ShareSD January 13, 2012
A garlic-eating folk singer of ancient origins; as a group they generally being ones flourishing principally in the Middle Ages in the South of France writing catchy tunes and jingles in a complex metric form for court musicians.
I am not a not a man with a pointy stick wanting to poke unwilling participants in the gladiatorial games with it (and thus who do not like it up them), I am a troubadour, that is, one whom sings soppy love songs to courtly people with nothing much better to do than to listen to those who sing sad songs about unrequited love in drafty old castles by the sea.
by Zamboozee April 1, 2011
A female troll. A trollop. A useless woman.

Synonyms: hussy, jade, jezebel, slattern, strumpet, wench
Ignore her idiocy, she's a troubadour
by GypsyJuno March 6, 2005
The return of this band will end Covid- 19 and heal society.
If Evan Felker and The Turnpike Troubadours return the pandemic would end and society would be restored.
by DavidAlanCoe November 2, 2021
A 1960's folk rock revival band from Philadelphia Pennsylvania who defined the music style "Jangle Rock".
We're heading down to The Fire to catch The Fallen Troubadours.
by 60'sgirl May 17, 2010
A person who knows a lot about technology, the internet, computers, social media and websites but isn't a geek.

Someone who is not attached to a specific department in a company, but regularly works with Sales, Marketing, Management, Development and Customer Service departments to share information and ensure everyone is working toward common goals.
Customer complaints were not being considered in the new product release, so we hired a Technology Troubadour to help specify what updates were needed to the programmers.

I wanted to sell my homemade jewelry online, but I didn't know where to start. I met a Technology Troubadour that helped me start a blog, build a website and find fans on Facebook.
by PeaceGirl3000 February 3, 2010